We provides practical, and innovative international tax solutions, covering direct and indirect taxes, achieved by aligning our “value add” with customer’s business goals and objectives. Our specific aim is to provide “hands on industry answers”, with pragmatic business solutions helping customers effectively manage their corporate taxation through proper implemented tax strategies, tax planning, compliance, and audit dispute resolution covering direct, personal, and indirect tax. In addition VAT management and implementation is also offered.

With the introduction of VAT in GCC, you will be required to address tax issues on a daily basis and manage operations in a way that will minimize tax exposure. We have a dedicated team of tax professionals which can guide and assist you at every stage to make the transition smoother with least amount of disruption and financial burden.

We can work with you to identify risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities that can work for your business and help you fully comply with the Tax laws.


The GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) VAT Agreement had been signed by all six countries and we are seeing the GCC states taking positive steps towards the implementation of the VAT. UAE and KSA have already implemented VAT while the other countries are aiming to do so in the coming next year. While VAT is not a cost on the business, but there could be certain implications of VAT on the businesses as a whole. Like most other countries, businesses in the GCC region will now have to adhere to strict VAT regulatory and statutory compliances and report the same on a regular or periodic basis. With the increased popularity of VAT in the region, it is becoming critical to manage indirect taxes and cash flow implications. The challenge for the business community is to review various business functions to understand the impact of implementation of VAT.

a) Impact Assessment:

b) Implementation of VAT at Ground-level

c) Compliance

We shall review and compile information required for tax return, compute input and output tax payable, input tax credit and net tax liability. We shall guide and assist in preparation and filing tax returns within the prescribed time limit as required by the executive regulations. We shall verify whether all the VAT regulations applicable to your organization have been duly complied with. We shall guide and assist you in rectification of errors in filing returns or computing tax etc.

We shall also attend the tax audit conducted by Tax Authority, draft replies to the queries, represent you before tax authorities and file appeal before the appellate authority if an assessment order is not in order.

d) Consultancy